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"The Thimble Slide is a mini-slide designed to be worn on the tip of your finger, with the front edge about halfway to three-quarters down the fingernail toward the base; 3rd finger recommended. Worn there you can still bend your knuckle; and it's angled front allows enough fingertip through so you can still press the strings."
-- Cole Coleman; Inventor.

In the photos on the right you can see that while wearing the slide you can still form chords, slide when you want, and fret when you need -- without having to remove the slide. You can put the slide on at the start of a song and leave it on all the way through.

Choosing The Right Size:
The Thimble Slide is made in sizes S, M, L, XL. Download our Sizing Chart and use the Colour Measure to determine which size you'll need.

Adjusting The Fit:
The Thimble Slide has a Sizing Gap which after you determine which size you'll need allows you to further adjust it's fit to your finger - a little tighter or a little larger.