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The Thimble Slide Is...
"The Thimble Slide is a mini-slide designed to be worn on the tip of your 3rd finger, with the front edge about halfway to three-quarters down the fingernail toward the base. Worn there - ALL your fingers are now free for fretting! You can still bend your knuckle; and it's angled front allows enough fingertip through so you can still press the strings."
-- Cole Coleman; Inventor.

Video Demonstration:

Photo Sizing - We'll Figure Out Your Size For You!
When you buy a Thimble Slide our Customer Service will contact you to get a photo of your slide finger (3rd Finger). We'll figure out your likely Thimble Slide size - and ship it to you pre-adjusted to fit that size!

Free Your Finger!
Remember - worn on the 3rd finger the Thimble Slide frees ALL your fingers for fretting!

Any Questions? Live Demo? Contact Us!
  • If you have any questions about the Thimble Slide, wearing it, using it.
  • If you'd like a live Zoom video meeting and demo.
  • Just contact us at: