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The Thimble Slide Is...
"The Thimble Slide is a mini-slide designed to be worn on the tip of your finger, with the front edge about halfway to three-quarters down the fingernail toward the base; 3rd finger recommended. Worn there you can still bend your knuckle; and it's angled front allows enough fingertip through so you can still press the strings."
-- Cole Coleman; Inventor.

Video Demonstration:

Photo Sizing - Find Your Size Quickly, Or We Will!
The Thimble Slide comes is sizes S, M, L, XL. Only the diameter changes; all sizes have a 1-inch slide surface. Made In U.S.A.

Find Your Size:
1. Place your slide finger (3rd finger) with a ruler or measure’s edge under the middle of the fingertip - right in the middle of the fingernail. Match the photo example.

2. Using your smartphone/camera look straight down over your fingertip on the ruler and move your finger so that it looks like it’s lined up on an inch line. Match the photo example.
Note: It will look different to your eyes - you must use the camera.

3. Snap the photo. Looking at your photo figure how many 16ths wide your measurement is - and use the table below to find your size.

Or, email the photo to us at and we’ll figure out your size!

In the photo below - subtracting the remaining visible 16ths, the resulting measurement of the fingertip is 11.5 16ths.

Photo Sizing Table

10.00-11.00 sixteenths = S
11.25-12.00 sixteenths = M
12.25-13.00 sixteenths = L
13.25-14.25+ sixteenths = XL

Adjusting The Fit:
The Thimble Slide has a Sizing Gap which after you determine which size you'll need allows you to further adjust it's fit to your finger - a little tighter or a little larger.

Send Your Photo To Us!
Want a second opinion or would rather we do it? Email your Photo Sizing photo to us and we'll figure out your size for you.
Email your photo to: